Archery in Wiltshire

We have access to both indoor and outdoor archery venues across the county and are able to deliver both taster sessions to more focused 'GNAS Feather Awards'.

Daily archery sessions for campers and visitors to Brokerswood Country Park

Archery is also used as part of our Student Development Programme.

Why not combine this with a bushcraft session and make your own bow?

OR want to be involved in an archery battle?  We now offer  Battlezone Archery

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This archery session was very well presented.  Darren made sure that everyone got equal time doing the practical archery aspect of the lesson.  It was fun as well as informative and the games that were used were excellent for both children and the adults alike.  We have all now caught the bug and are looking to see if we can make archery a hobby! - J Hillard, July 2012