Forest School


'To Darren and the gang!

My daughter Emma was on the 6 week course from Amesbury Primary School, I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you all.  Your hard work and commitment has shone through in that Emma, she has said feels better about herself and seems to have bit of a different outlook on her herself - from a self esteem issue that is fantastic for her and also for us as parents.

Long may you continue to support the needs of the kids who are lucky enough to be able to attend the Forest School - definitely a win for us and I am sure for many others.

As you will know a little bit of help goes a long way in a little ones life in this day and age - I can definitely say you made an impact on Emma.

Once again thank you -

Sue and Craig

The Wiltshire Outdoor Learning Team uses a professional and personal approach to deliver Forest School programmes that challenge, develop, educate and that are fun for young people.  These programmes create a supportive environment that aims to build a respect for the Forest, each other and oneself.

These programmes are delivered at various sites across the County by our  Level 3 qualified Forest School practitioners.

We have found these sessions extremely suitable for older primary school children.  Working with the Primary Behavioural Support team we also deliver Forest School programmes to students who may be struggling within the school environment.

We have two regular programmes currently running for PRIMARY schools within the Wiltshire  and BANES areas based at the Roundwood site (near Brokerswood):

  1. *A 5-6 week Introduction to Forest School; this is a short weekly project running from 0930-1430 giving students (and schools) a chance to experience a Forest School in action.  This course then can feed on to our year long Woodland Learning Programme.  This course is specifically aimed at those children who may be struggling within a classroom environment.

  2. *A year long Woodland Learning Programme; This course aims to implement the full extent of learning outside the classroom to provide an environment whereby students are supported, challenged and motivated.  Sessions run from 0930-1430.

More details of the Forest School ethos can be found by clicking here.

Contact us to arrange a Forest School programme or to book onto the next programme.  You can download our Forest School / Woodland  Learning Brochure here:

WOLT Forest School Handbook

Bushcraft and Woodland Activities

We also run many activities in the woods encouraging participants to enjoy, learn from and look after their environment.  Whether a taster session or a basic survival type residential activity we can provide an activity to challenge.