Tree climbing

Tree Climbing in Wiltshire?

Absolutely fantastic – motivating and encouraging team getting the girls to do something totally different. Best Zip-Wire ever! Definitely would recommend and sign up again’. Parent, Chippenham Tree Climbing Event Feb 16

People should climb trees!  Let's do it in a safe manner.

We are now able to offer TREE CLIMBING at the Brokerswood Country Park, between Trowbridge and Frome, or at a tree on your grounds (subject to a survey).  Tree climbing is an amazing way to experience and enjoy trees.  You will have a chance to climb a variety of trees including Oak and Beech Trees in a safe manner - wearing a harness and helmet, and connect to a climbing rope.

We also are able to offer 'DRY TOOLING' - a 55 ft climb using simulated ice axes.

Suitable for all ages (5 plus).

This activity is a great alternative or introduction to Rock Climbing.

 FREE Chippenham Tree Climbing Events:  2-3 April / 26-27 August 2018

Book Tree Climbing!

Let us set up a tree tops / tree  climbing challenge for your event

If you have access to a park / playing field with suitable trees we can set up the following tree challenges:

zip wire

natural tree climbs

vertical climbs using climbing holds attached (harmlessly) to the tree

high slack lines

mega rope swings.. and more!  

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