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“You guys were so popular and people were raving to me about how great the wall was and how lovely you all were with the kids.”   J Braddy May 17


We have a 7.3 metre mobile climbing wall that can be hired for event days / team challenges / private parties.

The wall can have 4 people climbing at once and uses ‘True Blue‘ automatic belays so that one instructor is needed.

The wall takes approximatly 30 minutes to errect and is a fantastic visual as well as physical attraction to your event.

How much does it cost to hire?

As a rule of thumb mobile climbing walls can cost between £350-550 per day, depending on location (distance travelled), timings and how you want to ‘fund the wall’ (e.g. who keeps the money taken in?)

Something extra?

If you are running an event on a field / sports area why not also ask us to bring along Archery,  BattleZone Archery and / or Laser Tag to make it a truely amazing event

Frequently asked questions…

Q  What if it rains / bad weather?

3 days before the event we will discuss the weather (!) – if it looks like there will be heavy rain or strong winds we will cancel.

Q  What ages can go on the wall?

There is no age restriction as such – people need to fit the harnesses.  In reality this tents to be 5 and above and under 18 stones.

Q  How much should we charge for the wall?

This is up to you.  Ideally you will sort out the collection of money – leaving our instructors free to do what they do best!  From experience customers need to feel they have got their money’s worth – thus you could charge them a set charge for an amount of time on the wall.  We have seen organisers charge up to £5 for 10 minutes or 4 climbs

Q  What space is needed for the wall?

We need a grass / hard FLAT surface approx 8 metres long by 3 metres wide.  You will need to make sure their is vehicle access to the selected space.

Q  What about risk assessments / certificates?

We can email you our risk assessment and copies of all inspection certificates for the TRU-BLUE auto belays and the wall.

Q How do I go about booking the wall?

Either call us on 07789 940971 or email us to discuss availability / prices.  Then complete the booking form with a deposit.

mobile climbing wall booking form – word version

mobile climbing wall booking form PDF version


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