Skills Development

I had wanted to learn to climb for a while but wanted to make sure I learned safely and at a pace that would suit me. The Training provided by the WOLT was tailored to me and they took the time to find out my goals and provided me with encouragement and confidence to progress far more quickly than I ever imagined’. S. Taylor 2013

Interested in learning an Outdoor Adventure Sport or looking for some individual coaching? We are able to offer one to one instructor coaching across Wiltshire for between £100 – £150 per session (including all equipment provided).

Activities covered:

  • Rock climbing / gear placement / ropes and setting up
  • Abseiling  – setting up / running of
  • Kayaking / canoeing – including rolling sessions
  • Archery
  • Mountain biking
  • Orienteering / map reading
  • Power – kiting

Please contact us for more information.