Zombie Apocalypse Challenge

If you go down into the woods tonight – you’re sure for a big surprise…..

The Ultimate Team Challenge for Youth Groups, Stag / Hen Parties or those  who have NO FEAR

Set in Roundwood, near Brokerswood Holiday Park.

ONE dark evening
ONE 40 Acre Woodland
ONE Team of participants
ONE map
ONE Horde of flesh eating Zombies
TWO Separate Games – one based on ‘The Walking Dead’, the other
based on ’28 Days Later’

As a team you have but ONE mission; to evade and escape the zombies.

The games will be followed by a  BBQ.

WARNING:  This is a seriously scary activity.  Minimum age restrictions apply.

The Zombie Apocalypse was fun, terrifying and energetic in equal measure.  Who would of thought team building could be so effective by putting people in the wood at night and releasing flesh eating Zombies!

Nationwide Building Society, Feb 14

Price:  £35 a head. (including BBQ and drinks)

Minimum group size 10 BUT if you have a smaller group you can join other groups

The Zombie event is run to order – usually on a Friday or Saturday evening / night.

Camping may be available for groups / individuals at the Roundwood – contact us to discuss

Available dates:    We run these on  Saturday evenings January – December, and Friday nights in May- July.  We can also do most week days during school holidays.  The event starts at dusk (thus the start time will change throughout the year).  Call  (07789 940971) or email us to discuss dates

Book now

To make a group  booking on a date of your choice:

1.  Please phone or email with your preferred date.

2.  We will hold the booking for 8 days – download the sheet below (booking form) and send this to the office with your deposit (contact us if you want to pay by BACS)

3.  Get your group of at least 10 together (top tip – get a deposit from each group member as some will cry-off on the night!).

4.  Make sure each group member reads, signs and brings the info sheet (below) with them on the night – plus the correct footwear and torch.

5.  One week before the event you will be contacted to discuss the eating arrangements / weather / any final questions

6.  Work on the cardio!

7. Set your satnav to Brokerswood Holiday Park BA13 4EH and not the office address in Warminster.  We do not employ Zombies as our office workers (any more).

8. Pay the balance on the night.

9.  Like the WOLT facebook page so that you can add your comments / thoughts of the night

Downloadable sheets:

zombie info sheet 2019

Zombie Booking Form 19 – Word or PDF file