Buy a Gift Card

Looking for a fantastic gift to give someone?  How about a gift card that can be used to book into a vast range of activities we deliver.

How much?

Here is a guide as to prices of activities we deliver:

Abseil – usually at Split Rock Quarry throughout the year – £30.00

Archery –  sessions run weekly at Brokerswood / Roundwood –  £13.50

Axe throwing – regular sessions at Brokerswood / Roundwood- £13.50

Canoeing – regular sessions at Brokerswood / Roundwood – £13.50

Kayak trip – from Brassknocker Basin to Warleigh Weir – £30

Tarzan Trail and 100m zip-wire – regular sessions at Brokerswood / Roundwood- £16.50

Archery,  Canoeing and Tarzan Trail  – a whole Saturday of fun and excitement on at Brokerswood – £40.00

Stand Up Paddle Boarding – Regular sessions at BoA (and other venues) – £20

Zombie Apocalypse Event (15 and overs!) – £35.00

Private family / group session – You hire and instructor for 3 hours and cram as much of the following in for your group (up to 10 people) – archery / axe throwing, high ropes challenges, laser guns, camp fire with marsh mellows!

How to buy the gift card?

Click on the following link – Book online now!