In the forest

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Everyone should experience archery – that chance to shoot an arrow at a target and develop your skills.

We have a wide range of recurve bows to suit your ability and are able to deliver both taster sessions to more focused ‘GNAS Feather Awards’.


We have access to both indoor and outdoor archery venues across the county including weekly sessions at the Brokerswood Holiday Park (BA13 4EH) – see here for more details

For whom:

We would suggest the youngest age would be 7 (due to size and strength) but we have had strong 5 your olds do really well.  No upper age limit!

We can run archery sessions for individuals, groups, corporate or school children


We run weekly sessions open to all at Brokerswood Holiday Park, BA13 4EH  – see the ‘BOOK NOW’ button below or we can organise a special archery event for your group at a venue to suit you

What now:

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How about….

Why not combine this with a bushcraft session and make your own bow?

OR want to be involved in an archery battle?  We now offer  Battlezone Archery


Axe throwing


Release your inner viking with an axe throwing session.  Our instructor will coach you through successful throwing techniques and introduce to a number of games and challenges


These sessions can be run across the county at suitable venues.

If you are a school or corporate group why not come to our venue at Brokerswood Holiday Park (BA13 4EH) – see here for more details

We also run regular ‘come and have a go’ sessions at Brokerswood Holiday Park (click here for details)

For whom:

We would suggest the youngest age would be 10 (due to size and strength).  No upper age limit!

We can run axe throwing sessions for individuals, groups, corporate or school children


These sessions are either run to order or we combine them with our regular archery sessions at Brokerswood Holiday Park..

How about combining axe throwing with one of our many other activities like archery and  Battlezone Archery to create a themed experience.

What now:

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Bushcraft / Survival

If you are looking to participate in and learn some basic bushcraft and survival techniques – let’s talk!

We offer half days / whole day and 2 day / 1 night bushcraft / survival activities at our base in Roundwood (opposite Brokerswood Holiday Park – BA13 4EH).  These activities are offered to  groups, schools, corporate days , families and clubs.

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A 2 day, 1 night survival bushcraft weekend aimed at adults and families


Set in 40 acres of woodland at Roundwood, opposite Brokerswood Country Park – BA13 4EH


Ideally suited for anyone aged 7 and above who wants to learn basic bushcraft and survival skills.

More details:

On this course you will help cook meals on an open fire (including some yummy baking!), gain knowledge of outdoor skills and learn about the practical side of being outdoors. The weekend will be based in our beautiful 44 acre woodland taking you right back to nature. The weekend will cover the following, including the opportunity to try out sleeping in a hammock and of course having lots of fun playing in the woods! –

Fire-craft -Including bow drill and fire-steel.

Knife skills and knife safety

Shelters – Using natural and modern materials

Bushcraft knots

Plant and tree uses

Leave no trace campfire and camp

Each family unit or adult will be given a FREE mora knife on completion of the course

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Camp outs in the woods

Bring your group / family / school over to experience camping in 40 acres of woodland.  This can either be in tents (we can provide these) or you can build your own shelter / bivi for the night.  How about using one of our hammocks for a truly amazing experience!

Camping in the woods can form part of a bushcraft activity day / weekend

Forest Schools

Forest Schools in Wiltshire

The Wiltshire Outdoor Learning Team uses a professional and personal approach to deliver Forest School programmes that challenge, develop, educate and that are fun for young people. These programmes create a supportive environment that aims to build a respect for the Forest, each other and oneself.

Our programmes are delivered at various sites across the county by our Level 3 qualified Forest School practitioners.

Our alternative provision Forest School groups are aimed at primary or KS3 school pupils who may either be having difficulty with self-esteem, struggling within a classroom environment, at risk of exclusion or those who just need the chance to succeed or be inspired in an outdoor environment. Please contact us if you have other requirements, we have a ‘can do’ attitude! Sessions usually run from 9:30am-2:30pm.

For more information please contact us

Download our Forest School Information Booklet for Schools and Parents

Low Ropes Courses


Low Ropes courses are a fantastic tool for personal and team development. These courses are set only 30-40cm off the ground and yet pack plenty of challenge!

We are able to set up a series of challenges that aim to get all involved, encourage folk out of their comfort zones and give plenty of scope for evaluating team roles.


Our ERCA qualified instructors can set up temporary low ropes courses at any venue with suitable trees (over 30cm in diameter and approx 2 – 6 metres apart).  We have also a low ropes course set up at Roundwood (opposite Brokerswood Holiday Park)

For whom:

These challenges are ideal for anyone aged 7 and above, and especially designed for any group that is looking a team work / development


We run sessions to order

What now:

Contact us to discuss your requirements

Zombie Survival School

For those who want to survive the Apocalypse!


Set in 40 acres of woodland this day aims to give you the skills needed to survive as long as possible in the unfortunate event of a Zombie Apocalypse!



The day consists of the following training:

  • How to protect your camp overnight
  • Basic survival skills so you can make shelter and feed your band of survivors
  • How to make basic weapons
  • Weapon skill training;  Axe throwing, archery, air rifles, and cross bows
  • Chances to put the training into action with [real] zombie attacks


Be aware – this is an action packed day and is aimed at those who truly want to gain the skills to survive.  The day will involve lots of moving about, running through woodland and thinking on your feet.

It is NOT a holiday camp – it is a survival school.

We tweak the days to suit the age range / ability of each group but the focus will always be on pushing participants to achieve as much as possible.  The summer school days are suitable for anyone aged 8 and above.  Those aged 8-13 MUST be accompanied by an adult.


The days are held at Roundwood (near Brokerswood Holiday Park)


For corporate / adult / private groups – these days can be run to order

For other ages – these days are run during school holidays – see the calendar below.

Days typically run from 0930-1530

How much:

£45 a head

What do you need to bring:

Each person will need to wear clothing suitable for the weather for that day and suitable for running!  Zombies are not interested in fashion!  In terms of footwear – we recommend shoes that have ankle support – an injured ankle means you become zombie bait.

Bring enough food and drink to keep you alert for the day.

How to book:

For corporate / private groups – contact us directly

To book on to a day during school holidays – click on the date on the calendar below

And there is more!

For those 15 and over – why not try our Zombie Apocalypse Team Challenge evening / night