Off the ground

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Have you ever had the chance to lean back and go over the edge?  Abseiling is the ultimate test of faith and overcoming your fears.


We are able to run abseil events / activities at crags / rock faces across the Somerset region OR we could run an abseil off a building near you (subject to suitability).  We regularly run abseils at Split Rock Quarry for people to book into – click here

For whom:

Ideally for those aged 7 to 87!

We run abseils for  groups (big and small), school / college groups, corporate events or for the general public as part of a charity / sponsored event


WOLT Team Santa abseil at Chippenham Christmas Lights turn on


These run throughout the year and also can be run to order.  Just contact us below to discuss your requirements.


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High Ropes Course



If you are looking for team challenges off the ground – we have the following:

Crate stack – in teams of up to three see how high you can build the crate tower (with you on top) until you either run out of crates or it tumbles!

Jacobs Ladder – in teams of up to 4 climb the pole ladder that gets harder as it gets higher.  Can you get all your team to the top?

Leap of Faith – that old classic that is all about trust and overcoming fear.  Climb up to the platform and launch yourself off to touch the ball.

Power rope climb – either a personal or group challenge to climb the gym rope and cargo net.  Requires lots of core strength!


Roundwood, near Brokerswood Holiday Park, BA13 4EH

For whom:

These challenges are ideal for anyone aged 7 and above.  You can book in as a family / group / school / corporate team


We run sessions to order

What now:

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Or – why not try our TARZAN TRAIL challenge

Low Ropes Courses


Low Ropes courses are a fantastic tool for personal and team development. These courses are set only 30-40cm off the ground and yet pack plenty of challenge!

We are able to set up a series of challenges that aim to get all involved, encourage folk out of their comfort zones and give plenty of scope for evaluating team roles.


Our ERCA qualified instructors can set up temporary low ropes courses at any venue with suitable trees (over 30cm in diameter and approx 2 – 6 metres apart).  We have also a low ropes course set up at Roundwood (opposite Brokerswood Holiday Park)

For whom:

These challenges are ideal for anyone aged 7 and above, and especially designed for any group that is looking a team work / development


We run sessions to order

What now:

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Mobile Climbing Wall


The Megalith 7.3m Mobile Climbing Wall

The Everest Challenge 8.3m Mobile Climbing Wall

We have two mobile climbing walls that can be hired for event days / team challenges / private parties and school activities.

The ‘Megalith’: rumour has it that this 7.3m Sarsen stone was removed directly from Stonehenge and now travels the county allowing the masses to climb it

The ‘Everest Challenge’: the tallest mobile climbing wall in the South West – standing at a mammoth 8.3 metres it is so high some people have been known to experience high altitude sickness!

The walls can have 4 people climbing at once and use  automatic belays so that one instructor is needed.

The wall takes approximately 30-45 minutes to erect and is a fantastic visual as well as physical attraction to your event.

How much does it cost to hire?

As a rule of thumb mobile climbing walls can cost between £350-650 per day, depending on which wall you want, the location (distance travelled), timings and how you want to ‘fund the wall’ (e.g. who keeps the money taken in?)

Something extra?

If you are running an event on a field / sports area why not also ask us to bring along Axe ThrowingArchery,  BattleZone Archery and / or Laser Tag to make it a truly amazing event

Frequently asked questions…

Q  What if it rains / bad weather?

3 days before the event we will discuss the weather (!) – if it looks like there will be heavy rain or strong winds we will cancel.

Q  What ages can go on the wall?

There is no age restriction as such – people need to fit the harnesses.  In reality this tents to be 5 and above and under 18 stones.

Q  How much should we charge for the wall?

This is up to you.  Ideally you will sort out the collection of money – leaving our instructors free to do what they do best!  From experience customers need to feel they have got their money’s worth – thus you could charge them a set charge for an amount of time on the wall.  We have seen organisers charge up to £5 for 10 minutes or 4 climbs

Q  What space is needed for the wall?

We need a grass / hard FLAT surface approx 8-10 metres long by 3 metres wide.  You will need to make sure their is vehicle access to the selected space.

Q  What about risk assessments / certificates?

We can email you our risk assessment and copies of all inspection certificates for the  auto belays and the wall.

Q How do I go about booking the wall?

Either call us on 07789 940971 or email us to discuss availability / prices.  Then complete the booking form with a deposit.

mobile climbing wall booking form – word version

mobile climbing wall booking form PDF version


Rock Climbing



Outdoor rock climbing in Wiltshire and just over the border!

We have staff who are passionate about climbing.  Do you or your group want experience of getting out on the rock?  We are able to offer introductory sessions to coaching sessions for participants to really focus their skills.

If you are looking to focus on your climbing technique and basic rope work we are able to run climbing sessions at our base at Brokerswood Holiday Park (BA13 4EH) using our mobile climbing wall and tree climbs.

Why not combine your climbing with an abseil activity as well?


We have access to various crags and cliff faces in the Somerset area.

For whom:

Ideal for anyone aged 7 and above.  Sessions can be run for families / groups / parties / corporate / schools


Sessions are run to order

What now:

Contact us to discuss your requirements

Tarzan Trail



The Tarzan Trail is similar to a Go-ape style high ropes challenge course. The course is 4.5 metres off the ground and includes a rope swing, climbing hold crossings, slack lines and the 100 metre zip-wire.  Participants are connected using the ‘smart-snap’ system meaning that they are connected to the safety cables at all times.


Based at Brokerswood Holiday Park (BA13 4EH)

For whom:

Anyone aged 7 plus is accompanied by an adult, otherwise 9 plus and over 1.2m high

Max weight is 18 stone

What if you get very scared?

Our instructor(s) will come up with you onto the course to give you all the care / guidance and support you need.


The Tarzan Trail can be booked by groups / schools / parties all year round

For individuals / smaller groups / families the course is open every Saturday at 2pm PLUS Tuesdays and Wednesdays during school holidays.  The Tarzan Trail can be booked as part of a multi-activity day that includes archery and canoeing.

How much does it cost?

£16.50 for individuals.  Discounts available for groups and as part of a multi-activity package

How do I book?

Groups / schools / parties – click here

Individuals / smaller groups / families – click here

Temporary high ropes and zipwire courses


The Wiltshire Outdoor Learning Team are experts in setting up temporary High Ropes Courses, Tree climbs and Zipwires across the Wessex area.  Past projects include:

  • Zipwire across the River Frome as part of Frome Children’s Festival
  • Bi-annual Tree climb and zipwire days in Chippenham for teenagers
  • 40m Zipwire for Chippenham Carnival
  • 2 x zipwires across the River Avon as part of the annual Melksham River Festival

Contact us to discuss your ideas!

Tree Climbing





People should climb trees!  Let’s do it in a safe manner.

Tree climbing is an amazing way to experience and enjoy trees.  You will have a chance to climb a variety of trees including Oak and Beech Trees in a safe manner – wearing a harness and helmet, and connect to a climbing rope.

This activity is a great alternative or introduction to Rock Climbing.


We are now able to offer TREE CLIMBING at the Brokerswood Holiday Park (BA13 4EH) or at a tree on your grounds (subject to a survey).

For who:

Suitable for all ages (5 plus).  Ideal for individuals, groups, parties, corporate and school groups.


We run tree climbing sessions to order or as part of multi activity days.

Let us set up a tree tops / tree  climbing challenge for your event

If you have access to a park / playing field with suitable trees we can set up the following tree challenges:

  • zip wire
  • natural tree climbs
  • vertical climbs using climbing holds attached (harmlessly) to the tree
  • high slack lines
  • mega rope swings.. and more!

What now:

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We love zip-wires!

The Wiltshire Outdoor Learning Team are the leading experts within Wiltshire for setting up permanent or temporary zip-wires from trees or high ropes courses.


We have a 100m zip-wire that is part of our Tarzan Trail at Brokerswood Holiday Park (BA13 4EH) and regularly erect zip-wires across Wessex for activities such as carnivals  and community fun days.  If you are planning a community event – let’s talk through the options!

Zip-wire across the River Frome

For whom:

Our zip-wires are ideal for anyone aged 5 and above (our oldest participants so far has been 82 years old)!


Either every Saturday as part of our Tarzan Trail or we build to order.  It is also worth liking our Facebook page to be kept informed about the various zip-wires we erect around the County

What now:

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