On-line Consent Form

• Carrying out a careful assessment of all risks before commencing the activity
• Only using experienced instructors with appropriate qualifications for the activity
• Giving clear safety instructions to everyone participating
• Ensuring equipment and clothing is well-maintained and suitable for the activity and environment
• Ensuring activities are within the capabilities of the participants
• Asking participants to supply information about any medical conditions and necessary medication
• Ensuring good hygiene standards are kept

We expect participants to co-operate with the Wiltshire Outdoor Learning Team's instructors to ensure the safety of all participants and answering questions honestly about any medical conditions or other information relating to health and safety.

I agree to my son / daughter / ward / myself taking part in the activities outlined above. I understand that my son / daughter / ward / myself will take part at his / her / my own risk and accept that no responsibility for accidents or injuries or loss or damage to personal property rests with the supervisory staff, unless proven to be caused by their negligence. I declare that to the best of my knowledge my son / daughter / ward / myself is competent and medically fit to participate in the activities as part of the group. I agree that medical treatment will be given if necessary and in case of emergency. I understand the information on this form may be stored digitally. I understand that a similar activity may be substituted due to safety factors or weather conditions. I agree to let the Wiltshire Outdoor Learning Team know if any of the above details change during the period my son / daughter / ward / myself are on the course. This form will be retained securely until the participant reaches 25 or 7 years after the activity date, whichever is later.
SIGN BELOW (If under 18 - adult must sign for you) - use your finger or mouse to sign