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High Ropes Activities

Challenges off the Ground

If you are looking for team challenges off the ground we can provide:

Crate stack – in teams of up to three see how high you can build the crate tower (with you on top) until you either run out of crates or it tumbles!

Jacobs Ladder – in teams of up to 4 climb the pole ladder that gets harder as it gets higher. Can you get all your team to the top?

Leap of Faith – that old classic that is all about trust and overcoming fear.
Climb up to the platform and launch yourself off to touch the ball.

Rope Ladder Climb – either a personal or group challenge to climb the rope ladder can be made easier or harder wih how tight the ladder is

Bespoke High Ropes Activities

Whether it be a school event, corporate team building, a charity event or a birthday party we offer high ropes events tailored to your requirements. Please contact us to discuss.

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